C.I.B. Hades Spotty memories


Black spotted dog with a brown eye, scissor bite (full dentition), weighing 35kg and 61cm high.

Hades is our sweet boy. He is the best and most amazing dog we could ever wish for. He is simply a good hearted dog, of a friendly and calm nature. He loves long walks in the surrounding fields and hanging out with other furry friends in any weather. He loves the company of people, even if you have to gain his trust and favor first, but if you get it he will love you forever.


Father: Spotdog s reaky Friday
Mother: Stories of Dreams Alexandra Spoiled Miss

Health tests

BAER +/+
LEMON FREE, Genotyp E/E, Bb

Titles and awards

Inter Championship C.I.B.
Grand Championship of Slovakia
Champion of Slovakia
Show Champion of Hungaria
Champion of Hungary
Champion of Macedonia
Champion of Romania
Slovak puppy champion

Regional winner of Veľké Uľany
Regional winner of Povoda

Candidate for titles and awards:

Show champion of Slovakia

Photo gallery of Hades